Annual Board meeting of Vienna Economic Forum on 15. February 2021  

The annual Board meeting of Vienna Economic Forum in 2021 took place on 15. February at the Headquarters of the Österreichische Post in Vienna, hosted by VEF President DI Peter Umundum, Board Member responsible for Parcel & Logistics at the Österreichische Post AG.  

In accordance to the Statute, the VEF President guided through the Agenda, while the Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva reported on the VEF activities in a globally challenging, yet successful year 2020 for Vienna Economic Forum.  

Both the VEF office relocation in March 2020 in the Ambassadors district, in Prinz-Eugen Strasse 58, in the 4th district of Vienna, as well as the Summer Cocktail in a Small Setting organized instead of the 19th Traditional Garden Party with the participation of Ambassadors from the Member countries and VEF Board members, were accentuated. 

The VEF Secretary General particularly emphasized the great online success of the 17th Vienna Economic Forum - Vienna Future Dialoque 2020 that managed to reach over 1200 viewers from 32 countries.  

Deepest gratitude for his and the significant support provided by the Österreichische Post AG was expressed to VEF President DI Peter Umundum.  

The subsequent discussion led to the conclusion that it is now more important than ever to build bridges out of barriers, especially in times of restrictions. In this respect the Board members attached great importance to the advantages of digitalization. Therefore, it is to be expected that Vienna Economic Forum, as THE European Economic Platform based in Vienna, is to once again have a stronger hybrid/online presence in 2021.

The Board unanimously accepted the admission of new VEF members – as Cooperation partners, as Members-Legal entities, Members-Natural persons and Honorary members.

Furthermore, it was accepted that the agreed changes in the Board, the election, deselection and co-opting of Board members, as well as updates in the Patrons and Honour committees be proposed for a decision to the General assembly.

The Annual General Assembly of Vienna Economic Forum will take place on 8. March 2021 at the Headquarters of Novomatic AG, Wiener Straße 158, 2352 Gumpoldskirchen.  

1 Family F VS 2021

2 VS 2021

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New perspectives for cooperation with the Chairman of the Board of VERBUND AG, DI Wolfgang Anzengruber 

In a very friendly atmosphere at the Headquarters of the VEF Cooperation partner Verbund AG, on 21. December 2020, the Secretary General of Vienna Economic Forum, Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva met with DI Wolfgang Anzengruber, Chairman of Board of VERBUND AG, founding member of Vienna Economic Forum and member of the VEF Honorary Committee. 

The conversation, which was focused on the scope for design of future further cooperation, allowed new perspectives to be identified.  

The VEF General Secretary presented DI Wolfgang Anzengruber with the "Decoration of Honor of Vienna Economic Forum", expressing great gratitude for his services in the successful development and realization of the joint project - Vienna Economic Forum. 

Web Verbund DI Anzengruber

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Intensive discussions about the future in the premises of Vienna Economic Forum

The Vice President of Vienna Economic Forum Hermann ANDERL, the new Managing Director of CANON AUSTRIA and his successor as Managing Director of CANON CEE (Central Eastern Europe) Wilbert VERHEIJEN met on 13 December 2019 in the premises of Vienna Economic Forum with the Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva to discuss future collaboration over the next few years. Ideas and possibilities for further development of the excellent cooperation were discussed in a very friendly atmosphere and the planned VEF activities in 2020 were coordinated.


IMG 2230

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High Representative of the Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion of Macedonia to a working visit in VEF

Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva was pleased to welcome the two high ranking representatives of the Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion of Macedonia, CEO Advisor Mr. Hristijan Josifovski and State Advisor Mr. Ivan Iliev, for a working visit in the premises of the VEF on Thursday, 13. December 2018.

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Vienna Economic Forum visits Novomatic AG

The President, DI Günther Rabensteiner and the Secretary General of Vienna Economic Forum, Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva, met with the CEO of Novomatic AG Mag. Harald Neumann, Vice President of Vienna Economic Forum on 11 December 2017 at Novomatic AG in Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria.

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Mag. Othmar Karas speaker of Bürgerforum Europa invited to the event “Europa-Lunch”

Member of the European Parliament and speaker of Bürgerforum Europa – Mag. Othmar Karas set a new input for the regional political and economic cooperation of Vienna by the “Europa-Lunch”, which took place in the framework of Bürgerforum Europa.

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14th Traditional Gardenparty of Vienna Economic Forum on 19 June 2015

On 19 June 2015 the Board of Vienna Economic Forum together with the Ambassadors of the Member Countries invited to the 14th traditional meeting of the friends between Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea.

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Musica Humana

Charity concert for Yana Urazova

Eugeniy Chevkenov (Violine)
Dmitriy Klimenko (Piano)

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Decoration of Merit for Dr. Josef Taus

Dr. Josef Taus, founding father, first president and member of the honorary committee of Vienna Economic Forum, was handed the decoration of merit for the services rendered to Vienna Economic Forum by Secretary General Amb. Dr. Elena Kirtcheva in the premises of the Management Trust AG.

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Secretary General Dr. Elena Kirtcheva on the New Bulgarian University

Upon invitation of the Interdepartment Seminar on the New Bulgarian University, Sofia Secretary General Amb. Dr. Elena Kirtcheva, held the lecture „On regional economic cooperation and the role of business administration“. („Регионалното икономическо сътрудничество и ролята на бизнес администрацията“)

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